My name is John Murdoch

by heklAa



This album is inspired by the movie "Dark City". It tells the story of John Murdoch, finding out the terrifying truth about the city of sirenZ where he grew up.

But first of all, the 9 songs deal with loss of childhood, becoming an adult, love, in short, with a man's search of meaning, with his self-discovery.


The Sirens Sound, 31st october 2014:

"Straight 10 Out Of 10 [...] In a nutshell “My Name Is John Murdoch” builds-up progressively in an appealing way and in no time, appearance of soaring guitars, electronic / computerize electronic element in the form of drum hits, and echoing bells are all over the place. Over the next hour you’ll hear melodies battling with noises through and through, constantly trying to find a point of understanding. This struggle between light and dark and these oppositions in the end mostly found a common ground in memorable episodes of fascinating scene. Once again, for the 2nd time on [ heklAa’s ] releases ( Straight 10 Out Of 10 )."

Post-rock essentials, 3rd November 2014:

"[...] all I can say, this journey is absolute fantastic. Conventional Post Rock meets other musical genres. But all in such a pleasent manner that you would never guess it is only a one piece project. All the compositions are rich in its variety, sometimes a bit demanding, but as every good music, it will be a discovering journey. There are some spoken word parts, mature guitar work, all in a sophisticated way you could easily drown yourself in. From us here it is a clear clue to check them out..."

Totoromoon, 7th November 2014:

"[...] Entre lumière et obscurité, heklAa, comme j’aime à le dire, ce sont des compositions maîtrisées et fortes en émotions, qui font voyager loin, très loin, au-delà des volcans et des contrées sauvages.
Un album à écouter d’une traite, et absolument."

Mescaline Injection, 13th December 2014:

"Da fällt es schwer, konkrete Favoriten zu benennen, aber allein schon das Titelstück ist wirklich großes Kino – und das Album insgesamt ein wahres Highlight."


released November 20, 2014

Music by heklAa.

Recorded and mixed at the (home) studio "am Tanzplatz", Ingersheim, France | 2014

Artworks: Stéphane de Caneva

Thanks to P., for your unconditional love and support, and for all your brilliant and constructive critics in the last 10 years! Love you so much.

Thanks to Steph, for your age-old friendship and the constant valuation of my music!



all rights reserved


heklAa Colmar, France

heklAa is the one-man project of Sébastien Touraton, a french composer, inspired by postrock, jazz, movie music as well as two unforgettable trips in the beautiful Iceland.

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Track Name: Episode 2 - l'Inconnue
"Là, notre royaume entre ciel et terre,
au fond des arômes, des astres bénis.
En son sein un temple où l'on prie ta chair
que ma bouche contemple comme une galaxie.

La porte du Monde de sa peau de fer
couvre comme une onde le fond de nos nuits,
et tu portes aux lèvres la beauté éphémère
des saveurs des rêves, du goût de ton lit.

Nous jouons, à pêcher le soleil en mer,
et à empêcher que les saisons fuient,
car l'amour est lent dans notre univers,
l'amour est le temps vent, une voûte infinie."

(la Souffleuse de Vers, 2005).
Track Name: Episode 5: Remembering Shell Beach
This is my land,
my shelter,
my secret place.

This my home,
my home,